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The Institute of Internal Auditors - India
The Institute of Internal Auditors-India (IIA-India) is affiliated to The Institute of Internal Auditors. IIA-India is a non-profit professional organisation dedicated to the advancement and development of the internal auditing profession in India, in sync with the highest standards propagated by The IIA. The Chapters in India were founded about three decades ago, starting first at Bombay, and soon expanded with the setting up of four additional chapters-Delhi, Calcutta, Madras & Bangalore.

In June 2007, the Chapter at Hyderabad was established. Together, these six Chapters represent IIA-India, which in turn is the National Affiliate of The IIA.. Most Chapters have in addition, at least one 'Audit Club' attached to it (with less than 100 members in each Audit Club), which operate from cities falling within their respective geographical region.

This structure facilitates in developing local leadership skills of internal auditors,  local programs/meetings with minimal time/cost on the part of the members, given the size and spread of the country.  The present membership strength is around 3,000, which includes members drawn not only from trade, industry and practice, but also comprises non-accountants, representing multi-disciplinary professional skills so as to fully meet the diverse business challenges.


About Internal Auditing

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

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New IPPF -

The Framework for Internal Audit Effectiveness: New IPPF