President Communique

Dear Members,

Greetingsand best wishes to each one of you and your family.

Wish to share with you few exciting developments during last few weeks. The culmination of efforts of last several months by your council members, BOGs and the staff have not only resulted in several milestones achieved by IIA India but are also delivering many good outcomes:

  • 23 out of 49 members who took the Challenge Exam before June 30, 2021, have passed and become CIAs. This is about 47%, i.e. nearly one out of two who took the exams have passed. It is a very encouraging outcome for us. We suggest that most of you who have already registered for the Challenge Exam to make the exam slot bookings for Nov 2021. Additionally, there will be second round of registrations in Aug and Sep 2021. We expect pressure on the slots available with PearsonVUE centres. While we will try our best to ensure everybody who wants to take the test gets a slot, being early always helps. Prepare well, revise thoroughly many times and take the mock tests. Our best wishes to all of you.
  • IIA Global has recognised IIA India as one of the building awareness champions for 2021. A letter of congratulations was received from IIA President and CEO Anthony J. Pugliese, and a digital ribbon recognising the accomplishments are carried in this issue.Many congratulations to our Chief AdvisorNikhel and the Chapter coordinators, ably supported by the committees, the Chapter Presidents, and their BOG’s who actively worked and spearheaded the many initiatives during the year.

All our chapters will be conducting their AGMs in the coming weeks, and some would have completed as well. We welcome our members to actively participate in the AGMs and offer their valuable suggestions. Our Chennai chapter has inaugurated the Coimbatore club recently. We expect quality engagement and service to the internal audit fraternity in the Coimbatore region. Chennai chapter also organisedan excellent annual conference during the middle of the month deliberating on “Internal Audit – Re-invented, Energised, Dynamic” with a galaxy of internal audit experts/business leaders.

Growing economy and the global capital flowing into the country will demand high quality governance, risks management and Internal Audit in Corporate India. IIA’s purpose is to equip our members to meet the challenges of tomorrow in a rapidly digitising world and to prepare them for their global careers.  

Many initiatives are underway by your council/committee members to enhance the quality of our membership service, website, and trainings. As a result, our membership base is expanding. With all your active participation in the next rounds of Challenge Exams, we should aspire to be an institution with over 10000 members in the coming years. Firmly believe that IIA India has great potential to be much bigger and be among the best in the IIA world.

Look forward to your active participation and contribution in building an excellent institution for the future.Wealso look forward to your feedback and support as always to IIA’s activities.

Best wishes,stay disciplined and be safe.


Thiyagarajan Kumar

President – IIA India

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Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

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