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The IIA is internationally recognized as a trustworthy guidance-setting body. This is documented by its due diligence in regard to processes and procedures it has put in place for the establishment, transparency, timeliness, accountability, and oversight of its authoritative guidance. This section provides a variety of internal audit guidance, including The IIA's International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).
Guidance-setting Due Diligence
The IIA is the standard- and guidance-setting body for the internal audit profession globally and promotes guidance following rigorous due process. By providing authoritative guidance, The IIA sets the bar for internal audit efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism.

Standards & Guidance        
Discover and interactively experience The IIA's International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), including mandatory guidance (i.e. the Definition of Internal Auditing, the Code of Ethics, and the Standards) and strongly recommended guidance (Position Papers, Practice Advisories and Practice Guides).      
GAIN Benchmarking
The Global Audit Information Network (GAIN) is the profession's most trusted name for benchmarking. GAIN provides a knowledge exchange forum that enables internal auditors from all over the world to share, compare, and validate their internal audit activities. Services include the Annual Benchmarking Study and Flash Surveys.

Information Technology          
Read the latest IT news and guidance, including GTAG® and GAIT!          

Academic Relations
Helping to develop the next generation of internal auditors, The IIA's Academic Relations provides outreach to the higher education community.
Learn more about Quality Assessments and how to set up your own Quality Assurance and Improvement Program.    
Discussion Groups
The IIA's Discussion Groups allows individuals from around the globe to participate in an open forum for discussion. Have you participated? 
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